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Hammer of Thor Pendant with Amber


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I am often inspired by 'odd' things sometimes it is scroll work decorating a person's house. Sometimes I see cast jewelry and think 'Well, maybe that could be done in wire.' And so it was with this piece!

Thor's Hammer has been crafted using copper & sterling silver filled wire. I added a triquetra in the center and chose amber for the centerpiece due to its Baltic association. All have been woven together using very thin copper wire. From top to bottom it measures almost 2 inches long.

Bear in mind that since each one is crafted individually by my own hand; sizes are an approximation.

PLEASE NOTE: This is for the pendant ONLY. NO chain is included with it.

ALSO NOTE THAT: The copper will develop a patina over time...this is perfectly natural. You can simply polish it up with a soft cloth or dip it quickly into a mixture of vinegar and a small amount of salt. The shine will return almost before your eyes.

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