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"Haight Street" Artisan perfume oil .33 fl oz in a glass roll-on type bottle


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"Haight Street" perfume oil .33 fl oz in a glass roll-on type bottle. I felt privileged having grown up in the most amazing city of San Francisco. So many fun areas to visit that it was not ever possible to get bored. Although I sadly missed the Hippie movement of the 60's, my parents did not and fortunately still today you can find a little bit of that era down in the Haight. (Natives to the city just called the Haight Ashbury district "The Haight") We loved to travel out to the Haight, which lies just on one side of Golden Gate Park, and shop & people watch. Everything has it's very own scent including The Haight, and it's one of my personal favorite scent memories. So what does The Haight smell like? Just like this perfume with Patchouli, Amber, Cannabis and a bit of Eucalyptus. The Cannabis scent in this perfume is really more like a Hemp Flower as opposed to skunk :) Earthy, funky and ever so herbal! Feelin' groovy baby! *This product contains essential oils which should be allergy tested on the skin prior to wearing*
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