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Gypsy Witch Book of Old Pennsylvania Dutch Pow-Wows & Hexes


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For centuries, people have been using the Holy Scripture to induce magickal principles. Some of this has come down to us in the magickal practices called Pow-Wows. The majority of these ancient techniques have been handed down from generation to generation, mostly by word of mouth. Many have no idea that other practitioners of the ancient art even exist. The rise of evangelical Christianity has forced many Pow-Wow adepts to go underground, or even give up practicing all together. Today, while in most religions magick is condemned, Pow-Wows continue to be a positive force and the traditions continue to be passed on, with many of the secrets and traditions found within this 158 page book. Chapters include: The hidden roots of Pow-Wow Pow-Wow, or the Long Lost Friend Forbidden Secrets of Mystic Knowledge King Zoltan`s The Mystic Oracle- Based on Systems of the Ancients

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