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Guardian’s Prayer poster


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Featuring beautiful tribal artwork from Eliot Alexander and the poetic words of Travis Bowman, the Guardian’s Prayer parchment poster is a beautiful work, helping to guide you to seeking out the guardian spirits, seeking their aid and protection. Measuring 11" by 8 1/2", it is readily hung in your sacred space to help guide you within your prayer with the words: To all who have stood true For the good of their communities, To all who have held strong Against overwhelming opposition, To all who have remained vigilant Outsie the fire’s warmth, I give greatest thanks And pray for your guidance On this guardian path. Grant my senses clarity That I might see the peaceful way Through dangerous times, Hear the cries of those in need, And smell woodsmoke before the fire catches. Lead my hands as they shape a safer world, And lead my feet to the palces where I might Do the greatest good. Thank you, sentinels, for all you’ve given. Thank you for standing besie me, Behind me, And before me, A circle completed as I step into place, Here. Now. Standing.

Size: 8 1/2” x 11"

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