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Greenwoman Plaque with Offering Bowl

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Our Greenwoman plaque is a magical female rendition of the much beloved masculine spirit of nature. This Greenwoman plaque has intricate floral and leafy details with a mysterious face and will be sure to add a magical earthy presence upon the walls of your home, shrine/altar room, garden or sacred space. The Greenwoman could be looked upon as the divine sacred feminine of nature. What makes this plaque even more unique is that it contains a small round offering bowl/reservoir in the front, allowing you to place offerings, petitions, herbs, stones or even a tea light candle within it. This plaque would make a great representation of the divine feminine during ritual within your home, and one could show reverence to the Greenwoman by placing your desired offering within the bowl. The plaque comes with a built in hook on the back to easily mount on your wall. Made from cold cast resin. See her matching counterpart, the Greenman Plaque.

Height: 12.00 Inches
Width: 9.5" at it's widest, (4.25" at its thinnest)
Offering Bowl: Length: 2.5" x 2.5" (1.0" depth)
Weight: 2.0 lbs 1 oz. 
The Green Woman or Lady of the Forest is the nurturing force of life and the mother of life on earth. She is sometimes seen in the rise and fall of mountains or in the flowers of all kinds that grow and produce seeds. She is represented with a face of leaves and flowers or as a tree or landscape that appears womanly, make no mistake, she is the mother of the entire green world. Her realm is the gardens and orchards of the world, where the Green Man rules over that which is wild, she rules that which is cultivated. She blesses the fields, she is the Goddess of manifestation, she brings the seeds to life and helps them grow. She is a wonderful spirit to call upon for healing, nurturing and to put things in their proper order. The Green Woman is the holder of the ancient wisdom of the past, the keeper of memories. She watches over the balance of all things green and growing. 
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