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Green Scroll Leather Sketch Book


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Created in the design of an old scroll or parchment case, meant to endure traveling in saddlebags and other such modes of travel, this green-dyed Scroll Leather Sketch Book has been exquisitely crafted of flexible leather, allowing it to be bent and folded without damage to the paper within. The entire book measures approximately 16" by 11" and contains approximately 100 pages. Simply unbind the leather tie and unfold the cover to reveal fine paper perfect for sketches, paintings, calligraphy, poetry and more; each page is made of recycled biomass, primarily consisting of recycled cotton fabric and other plant fibers, creating a sturdy paper with a smooth texture. Use it to capture what you see in your artistic craft, or keep it as a traveling Book of Shadows, putting to pen all of the magic that you seek.

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