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Goddess Isis Statue


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The Goddess Isis is one of the more famous and popular goddesses of the Ancient Egyptian pantheon, Isis is the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus. She is often viewed as the ideal mother, as well as the Goddess of magic and nature. Isis is also viewed as a champion for sinners, slaves, and those who are down on their luck, and was revered by the poor and the wealthy alike as the goddess of fertility. As the wife of Osiris, she is also viewed as the protector of children, and the dead, and it was said that the fertility fo the Nile valley sprung from her, with her tears of mourning for Osiris causing the Nile to flood.

Here she is shown as a fierce goddess, beautiful and motherly. Her headdress appears as though it were winged, much as she is often depicted, with the horns of a cow supporting the sun disk at its crown. Clad in traditional robes of gold, her skin is inky black, with her eyes shining gold from a serene expression. Resting within her hands is a shield showing the blossoming of the Nile, representative of the fertility and rebirth she inspires while the scarab on her chest is a symbol of the rebirth of the immortal soul.

Made of cold cast resin, the hand painted statue stands 11" high.

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