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Goddess Bless Plaque - Wood Finish


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Our Goddess Bless plaque is the perfect plaque for the Pagan minded. "Goddess Bless" is a common salutation in the Neo-Pagan Community. It is meant to invoke the power, love and protection of the Goddess. The knot work border around the outer edge of the plaque contains magical Pagan based imagery; a chalice, two Stags, moon phases (together creating the triple moon) as well as a Pentacle. This plaque is made of cold cast resin in a wood finish. Hang on your wall in your home or sacred space, or place upon your altar. Makes a great gift for the Pagan in your life. Goddess Bless ~

Width: 8.0 inches
Height: 5 7/8 inches
Thickness: 5/8 inch
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