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God & Goddess or Spirit Rainbow Elemental Candle Lantern 10 1/4"


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Hail Lord & Lady! A fantastic lantern for marking the presence of the Lord & Lady, God & Goddess (or Spirit) when casting circle in your sacred space, your garden, or outdoors. Candlelight glows through this lantern's multi-colored glass tinted panels, turning ordinary light into a kaleidoscope display bringing together a mix of all of the colors of the elements in one- just and the God and Goddess embodies all! A blaze of festive color will thrive & magically invoke the beauty of the candlelight from within! Suitable for hanging or use as a freestyle lamp. Great for use with tealights, votives and more-(not included). Don't want to worry about heat, fire or candle wax? Use an L.E.D. candle or battery operated candle to enhance its beauty! Also great for camping & comes in handy at festivals and outdoor gatherings. Great accents for a Handfasting or Wiccaning too! A glorious mix of color and light. Made from Metal and glass. 

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