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Garuda Poster


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Born of Hindu and Buddhist mythology, the Garuda is a bird-like creature known to be a sworn enemy of the Naga, and serpents, and is said to be a protector against all kinds of evil. The Garuda prayer poster offers reverence to this spirit, seeking its protection and guidance within life. Crafted in the beautiful words of Travis Bowman and brought to life by the divine illustration of Eliot Alexander, the Garuda Poster measures 8" by 11" and reads: Devourer of Serpents, Bringer of Nectar, Winged Warrior, Garuda, I pray to you. Protect me from evil and remove poisons from my life. Spread your wings wide over my life And carry me, like Vishnu, to where I might do the greatest good. Grant me your ferocity and strength In defense of those I love. Garuda, King of Birds, Help me burn fiercely.

Size: 8 1/2” x 11"

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