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Galangal Root, Cut (Chewing John)


Also known as chewing John, Little John, and Alpina galangal, Galangal has long been used in a wide variety of oriental cuisines, and in its raw form it offers a smell that is quite reminiscent of citrus, with rich hints of pine. Throughout Southeastern Asia it can also be used as a component in a tonic, often mingled with lemon juice, for the treatment of coughs and throat ailments. Perhaps more famously to those of the Western world, Galangal has come to be known as Low John in Hoodoo practices, where it is often carried in a mojo bag or otherwise used in spiritual ritual and spells to find aid in winning court cases, increasing your wealth, and break and protect from hexes and curses. Less commonly, it can also be found used in spells seeking to increase psychic potency or those rituals and spells involving sexual magic. Outside of spiritual practices, Galangal is still most commonly found today used in South Eastern Asia as a culinary herb, most famously perhaps in Tom Yum Soup as well as Dtom Kha gai. Medicinally, the folk remedy where it is used as a tonic still holds to be the most common treatment, where it is still used throughout South East Asia to treat coughs and colds when blended with lemon juice.

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