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Four Elements Consecrating Blessing Kit for Cleansing Rituals


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Air, East, Fire, South, Water, West, Earth, North

This kit comes with everything necessary to perform the consecrating & blessings ritual, including instructions. It has been created to consecrate all of your Altar tools, statues, talisman, charms, divination objects, book of shadows, etc. It comes with a beautiful soapstone box to store the herb mix in it.

The picture shows round soapbox, but you may receive a [square, round or oval soapstone box], which ever one is available at the time of purchase. They are the same size, just different shape. You can use the box to store your stones or for spell work. The top cover has a carved pentacle which could be use on rituals requiring a pentagram present. There is enough herb mix for several uses, and can also be used to cleanse your altar, sacred space and home.
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