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Fennel Seed (Foeniculum Vulgare)


Also known as Fenkel, Sweet Fennel, Wild Fennel and the Latin name of Foeniculum vulgare, Fennel was well known by the ancients and can be found in many sources of folklore. Among the Romans it was used for its aromatic fruits and edible shoots, and in medieval folklore it was said that snakes shed their skin near fennel plants, and ingest it to heal injuries to their eyes. In the mid-ages it was also ritually hung over doors on Midsummer`s eve to ward off evil spirits, and it was viewed as a powerful protective force against witchcraft and evil influences. To this day it survives in similar tradition, and finds use in many traditions in spells and prayers of protection, seeking to prevent curses and possession, and otherwise ward off negative attention and energies. Modern herbalists turn away somewhat from such schools of thought, and use it on occasion to eace flatulence in infants, or in treating colic or painful teething. Among adults, it is sometimes used with tea for similar purposes; reducing gas after meals or when it is otherwise chronic or painful. Fennel can also sometimes be used as a diuretic among adults, aiding in urinary problems. It has also found claim to uses in the veterinary field as well, often being set in kennels and stables to drive away fleas.

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