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Eye Of Fatima Evil Eye Talisman


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This stylish talisman has been designed with an evil eye and the Fatima Hand. Hang this powerful talisman on a wall, sacred space, in your car, your front door or anywhere that protection is needed or should be placed. History references the use of "evil eye" beads in the ancient Orient and Sumeria from 3000 B.C. This belief is still prevalent in many places within the world, where many believe that when someone sees your good fortune and is envious, some type of bad luck will befall you. In fact, it is thought that any type of praise, even well meaning, has some form of greed and jealousy attached, and can cause harm. Evil Eye charms are meant to dispell any association of bad luck or energy that may come your way, regardless of its form and who it came from.

Size: 6.75" tall, 1.4" wide
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