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Exorcism Ritual Spray for Clearing and Banishing


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This listing is for a 2 ounce spray bottle of Exorcism Ritual Spray. It is made up of rain water I collected in glass mason jars, that has been charged with a quartz crystal that has been charged by the full moon. I also keep my rain water in the window sill so that it can be exposed to natural light at all times, be it Sun or Moon. I have added my own special blend of herbs with metaphysical properties known for banishing evil, negativity, and unwanted spirits. It is made up of over a dozen different herbs, also with protection herbs added. If you need to clear your home of unwanted forces, this is ideal.

Open a window in the space you are spraying, if possible This is quite a pungent mixture, so you will want the ventilation, but also, the open window is for the unwanted spirits/forces/negativity to leave you and your family and your home.

This is ideal for places where you cannot burn herbal incense, or fire is prohibited, such as nursing homes, hospitals, the work place, etc. Or if you are needing to be discreet.

The rosary and chalice pictured is only for decorative purposes and does not come with the product.
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