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This listing is for one Evil Eye Protection Witches Bottle. This bottle is loaded with protective herbs.

It contains my special Evil Eye Protection Herbal Blend for protection from and banishing jealousy, envy, negativity, gossip, and negative energy, and returning it to sender.

It also has a wire hanger, so that you can hang it outside your door on your porch, on your door, in a doorway, or wherever you wish. If you have an apartment or have limited living space, it can be hung in a window. This would also be a wonderful idea to keep in your work space. It can be kept someplace inconspicuous and hidden from nosey eyes, as well. If you work with petty co-workers who are constantly talking about you behind your back or trying to undermine you, take credit for your work, or stab you in the back, this would be the perfect little secret weapon to turn their tricks around on them and make them stop their little games in their tracks.

I have actually been the victim of the Evil Eye twice. Once in America, once in Pakistan. It caused me to be very paranoid, feeling like I was jumpy, seeing things out of the corner of my eye that weren't there, and one time even to suffer a bad anxiety attack while eating at a restaurant, and I began shaking and crying and was very upset and anxious and couldn't explain why. Before then, I didn't understand what was happening until a fellow witch explained it to me and I learned how I could protect myself and help others.

You can also view and order my other Evil Eye Protection products here in my Eclectic Artisans shop. I have mojo bags, oil, and jewelry.

This bottle has a cork stopper, and is not sealed, in case you would like to add additional ingredients of your own. You may also wish to seal it with blue wax, when you are ready to close it up. It is embellished with Spanish Moss, which is also known for properties of protection and dispelling negativity. It is wrapped with a beautiful blue fabric ribbon and embellished with a hamsa evil eye charm.

Here in America, the Evil Eye means the maliciousness I've mentioned above. In other countries and cultures, such as Middle Eastern areas, the Evil Eye is something much more sinister.

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