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Evil Eye Besom-Medium


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Unique evil eye besoms, handmade just for you! These evil eye besoms are unique in the fact that they function as ritual items, home decor items as well as a talisman of protection. Round glass evil eye beads have been added onto the natural bristles of this adorable broom. A vibrant blue bow and matching evil eye bead have been wrapped onto the handle's base, giving it extra color and dimension. Hang this power talisman of protection on a wall, door or stand it anywhere that compassion and protection are needed. Use this besom also for cleansing your altar or sacred space.

MEDIUM Besom Size: 10 3/4" Tall, 7" Wide (at it's base)

the picture with 3 besoms is shown only as a comparison of the different sizes of each besom. Each besom is hand made, slight differences from broom to broom are possible.

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