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Energy and Will Blessed Herbal Pillar Candle


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This energy and will spell candle is magical indeed. This particular pillar spell candle is part of the "Blessed Herbal Candle" line from Coventry Creations. This pillar is hand poured with very high quality natural waxes and infused with sandalwood and ginger, making this candle perfect for manifesting energy and will.

Sandalwood is a feminine herb and is associated with the element of water. The feminine aspect of sandalwood balances out nicely with the masculine energies of the ginger essential oil found inside as well. Sandalwood is commonly used by witches for protection, healing and manifesting one's will. Ginger is a masculine herb with an elemental correspondence of Fire and is commonly used by witches for love, money, and power. This candle will add a vibrant energy to aid you with your spell work and intentions. Use this candle as a general altar candle (to be lit while working magick) to add a little oomph to your rites or you can use the candle spell/incantation within its label to work a little candle magick spell by itself. This listing is for 1 pillar candle.  

Coventry Creations has been hand pouring candles for over 15 years and use only the finest waxes and ingredients to create their candle line. All candles are hand poured "when the moon is right." Each blessed herbal pillar candle comes with a spell to inspire your magical efforts. 

Size: 7.0" x 1.5"
Burning Time: 40 Hours
Weight: 7.0 oz
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