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Empowerment Boxed ritual kit


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The Empowerment boxed ritual kit is a great way to give yourself a little more spiritual get up and go. Whether you`re looking for the motivation and energy to bring positive change into your life, or extra energy to bring your next ritual or spell to a new level, this kit has all you need to make these improvements in your life and within your magic. The kit comes with all of the materials you`ll need and easy-to-follow instruction, including: A Power Triangle Amulet, inscribed with symbols that are intended to aid you in developing and strengthening your personal power. An AzureGreen Empowerment Ritual Candle, which has been inscribed and ritually charged to provide a surge of power that can be put to use in helping to accomplish your goals.> A 3/4 oz packet of Empowerment spell mix; an herbal spell mix from AzureGreen, specifically blended to bring energy into your life and magic. A green velveteen bag used within the ritual, representing a prosperous outcome and a wealth of vital energy. Charcoal, used in burning your herbal spell mix during your ritual. A 3/4 oz packet of AzureGreen Purification spell mix; an herbal spell mix created specifically to help ritually purify yourself so that your ritual can function to its fullest power, without negative, outside influences. A small cotton bag to keep your Purification spell mix gathered, and mess-free when you use it. And instructions specifically created to help beginners and experienced practitioners alike through their ritual, no matter which path or tradition of magic they come from.

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