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Gypsy Styled Triquetra Tote Bag/Purse


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This hand embroidered tote bag/purse features the much cherished triquetra symbol on the front of the bag. The front of the bag features hand stitched adornments. What gives this unique purse its gypsy appeal is what is adorning the outer perimeter of the bag...tassels and miniature bells that give off a faint but charming sound when moving the bag around. Featuring a roomy 8.5"x9.5" front zipping pocket, as well as an inner zipping pocket to hold your necessities on the inner back side of the purse. Featuring a 12" zipper on the top for the main part of the bag, you can easily see this bag has plenty of room for all of your important belongings. The inner side of the strap & back side of the bag features a matching light blue polka-dot fabric that matches the out perimeter as well. The outer strap features a stylish pattern with the matching light blue polka-dot trim.

Colors may vary slightly from bag to bag as these are handmade and handcrafted.

Made of 100% Cotton. 
Bag Size: 14"x14" inches
Bag Width: 2" inches
Strap Size: 44 inches

Front Pocket Size: 8.5"x9.5"
Front Pocket Width: Up to 1.5"
Front Pocket Zipper Size:8.5"

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