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Embroidered Pentacle Shoulder Bag


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This round-shaped gypsy styled pentacle purse is hand embroidered with a pentacle in the center front of the bag. Adorning this purse around the outside are small tassels and miniature bells in between the tassels, which give a very charming but faint and quite chime when you are unzipping the bag or moving the purse around, (the sound of a bell is said to clear the space of any negativity, which this purse will surely help do). Also on the front of the purse are small circular embroidered reflective accents, meant to reflect away any negativity coming your way. With all the colors of the elements amongst the bag, this pentacle purse will surely allow you to express your individuality, and allow you to have your craft with you in the mundane world. The Back of the bag contains white and red polka-dots with dark blue background  It's perfect to carry all manner of items for work, school, or home. Makes a PERFECT tambourine holder for when you are going to fire/drum circle too. Includes 1 main zipping pocket and 1 internal zipper pocket as well.

Colors may vary from bag to bag as these are handmade and handcrafted.

Made from 100% Cotton.
Size: 12" diameter
Width: 2"
Strap Size: 48 inches

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