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Elemental Quarter Candle Holders

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A GORGEOUS set of elemental candle holders/quarter markers. Beautifully crafted with detailed designs corresponding to each element, these candle holders are not only beautiful statuary, but also function with multiple uses. You could use each elemental candle holder to hold candles, or you could place corresponding herbs or stones within each if you don't wish to use candles. You could also use different elemental correspondences within each as well (i.e. a stone for earth, a cone incense for air, a candle for fire, and water for water) within each of the hollowed ares provided within each statuary. You are saving $20 when purchasing this as a set. This set comes with the following...

•1 Earth Elemental Candle Holder: 3"x3.25"
•1 Air Elemental Candle Holder: 3"x3.25"
•1 Fire Elemental Candle Holder: 3"x3.25"
•1 Water Elemental Candle Holder: 3"x3.25"

This set can also be purchased as "individual pieces" as well as a complete "altar set" with altar tile & god/goddess statues. Click here to view all of the elemental votive sets.       

it is possible for this item to have slight color variations from what is shown in the picture. This listing is for 1 set. Candles and corresponding items within the holders not included.
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