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Dragon's Claw Shot Glass


Dragon motifs decorate the fleury cross base of this hard liquor glass. This Alchemy Gothic of England item is traditionally hand-blown. Minor flaws and irregularities are features which naturally enhance the character of the glass. If you want a one of a kind "WOW" piece, Alchemy Gothic is the place to get it. Not only are you getting a unique and quality product, but a finely detailed and crafted piece of timeless artwork. From the Shadow Duel collection, Alchemy Gothic 1977 presents its extraordinary designs for your pleasure. Shadow Duel is based on William Spencer, who after long suffering many "full sore wounds", was caught and ruthlessly hanged in 1729, a convicted highwayman, and vengefully disposed of in a shallow grave at the foot of the gallows which mercifully took his last breath. Elizabeth Page, his lover and first wife, illicitly recovered Will's sad remains, and paid dearly to have him falsely interred in hallowed ground. Now, William Spencer, alias 'Shadow of the Rose', alias Amzer, walks the earth again redeemed and immortal and ready to ply his dark trade afresh, but for a new and unseen master. Thanks a-plenty go once again to the rabble of swashbuckling vagrants that make-up the Alchemy team of artists, craftsmen and clerical miracle-workers, and we hope that you enjoy the fruits of our passionate labors, shown within, as much as we enjoyed creating and delivering them all to you. Food safe and liquid safe...77mm tall, 63mm wide, 63 mm depth.

These items are imported from England, and are handmade. Please allow extra time for shipping of these items.

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