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Dragonfly poster


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Seeming to defy gravity with four transparent wings as they glide over hidden pools and near bodies of water, it is hard not to see Dragonflies as something mystical and wonderous. As a totem spirit, the dragon fly teaches us whim, transformation, and adaptation to enliven our souls. Use the Dragonfly poster, written by Travis Bowman and illustrated by artist Eliot Alexander, to learn and speak a prayer that can aid you in bringing the spirit of this vigorous, magical creature into your life. Printed on an 11" by 8 1/2" parchment poster, it reads: Ancient, flitting spirit Master of light and precision, Dragonfly, I call on you. Teach me to dance In the disappearing mists of dawn. Show me the beauty in each day By marrying thought and emotion. Help me see through the illusions that bind me And understand those that enliven my soul. Help me remember that light penetrates As well as paints, That colors deepn as time flows past, That controlled flight is, indeed, possible. Please, weave the light of Transformation and adaptation In my life. Dragonfly, I call on you.

Size: 8 1/2” x 11"

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