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Do As I Say Bend Over Poppet Doll


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This handmade poppet is used in spells to dominate and compel someone to get your way. It can be used to get someone to see things your way manipulating them into being agreeable with you without any complaint or argument.

Other uses for this type of poppet may include:
• Used to control a person's inappropriate or unpleasant behavior, such as rudeness and misbehavior
• To stop someone from gossiping or slandering
• To control your boss to get promotions, good raises or get him to behave
• Take revenge on an ex or a person who has done you wrong or causing trouble on the key person
• A business transaction
• Someone trying to steal your spouse/lover, or on a straying husband/lover
• On a judge or attorney in your case; etc.

This poppet is to be used to represent one person only. It will come to you with a 1/2 ounce Do As I Say Oil to anoint the poppet during spell work, one pin and instructions. Poppet measures approximately 8" tall x 7" across and it is filled with moss and other correspondent ingredients for this type of work.
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