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Divination Bracelet for Psychic Insight, Clairvoyance, Scrying & Protection


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This listing is for a divination charm bracelet has been created to help the wearer increase and enhance their psychic awareness in all types of divination quests. It will help you focus and provide you with mental clarity and insight into your life. Wear It to dispel negativity and to protect you from unwanted energies during your divination work. It has a wonderful energetic uplifting feeling that will bring you enlightenment into your readings. 

This bracelet would make a wonderful gift. It will be ritually consecrated and blessed before shipping out to you. So you are not just purchasing a plain bracelet, you will be receiving a ritually charged bracelet for its intended purpose.

It is made with a silvertone rolo chain, beautiful divination theme charms, pretty large clasp closure. It measures approximately 7 1/2 inches long.
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