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Dirt From A 4-Way Crossroads-Curio


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This listing is for one 2x3 inch resealable bag of 4-Way Crossroads Dirt. Weight is one ounce. (I have removed some of the larger rocks/gravel that make up the dirt road.)

Need some Crossroads mojo in your life but live in the city or can't get to a crossroads?

I hand collected this crossroads dirt myself on Monday (Papa Legba's Day), at 3:00 pm. Or more precisely, at 3:03 pm. (Papa Legba's number is 3.) I called upon Papa Legba with respect and left appropriate gifts for him including rum and chocolate coconut candy to thank him.

If you purchase Hoodoo/Voodoo dirts or dusts from another seller, and it looks like freshly turned ground from their yard or potting soil, it probably isn't authentic, and they probably didn't actually go to the location they claim to gather the dirt, and therefore it's useless. I care and respect the Spirits and traditions and follow them. My heart and conscience would never allow me to do otherwise. It would be wrong to mislead someone in need and therefore betray their trust, as well.

Papa Legba is the Guardian of the Crossroads between ours and the Spirit World. Use 4-Way crossroads dirt to charge gris gris bags (mojo bags), amulets and talismans, or sprinkle as an offering on your altar to the spirits who control the paths.

Crossroads dirt is also a powerful ingredient in formulas and spells involving road opening if you just seem stuck and nothing is going right, and you need a door opened for an opportunity, To read more about the Legend of the Crossroads and Papa Legba, you can go here. This is a wonderfully informative article written by Denise Alvarado and some great links.. http://www.squidoo.com/papalegba
Also, here is a more in depth history of the Crossroads by Cat Yronwode. Both are definitely worth checking out and may help you find a use for the power of this 4-Way Crossroads Dirt.

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