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Dionysus Statue

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The Greek god of wine and plenty, Dionysus is often viewed as a deity of hedonism and ecstasy, he was also quite popular among the Romans, who knew him as Bacchus. He was also the patron deity of agriculture and theater, and was known as well to be a god capable of liberating one from your normal self, by either madness, ecstasy or wine. With these attributes, it was also his divine mission to bring an end to worry and care. Understandably, Dionysus is a God who came to be quite favored, helping ease the burdens of worry in those whom he favors. Here he is shown as he is traditionally spoken of; a beautiful man, with feminine facial features and luxurious hair, robed in the Greek fashion. Entwined with his curly hair, grape vines adorn him like jewelry, even as he raises them to his lip. In his other hand he drags an amphora, heedless of the wine it spills to the ground by his feet; for Dionysus, there is always another jug of wine. All of this is sculpted beautifully of cold cast resin with painful attention to detail, showing the contour of his form and every fold in his robe, all cast in a fashion so as to look and feel as though it is made of bronze, making it the perfect piece for your altar. This statue stands approximately 10 3/4"high, 4 1/2" wide and 4 1/2" deep.

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