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Diana, the Roman counterpart to the Greek goddess Artemis, is the celebrated deity of the Moon and the Hunt. She is a goddess of light and virginal purity, said to dwell in high mountains and deep within sacred woods. She has sworn to never marry, and instead is a goddess of wild animals and the woodland, who was said to possess the power to control animals and speak with them. She was also said to protect virgins, and women in general. The sacred goddess Diana is portrayed here as a youthful woman, standing in a loose robe barefoot and wreathed in laurels. With one arm draped over a tall stag, she appears as a nymph or other such spirit of the wood, with a verdant staff in hand and a sword belted to her lithesome waist. The whole of the statue has been sculpted of cold cast resin and hand painted so as to lend the impression that it has been made of copper or bronze, with only the slightest of color accents bringing to life the greens that are part of her attire. The entire statue measures 10 1/4" high and 6" wide.

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