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Dementia, Alzheimer's, Mojo, Gris Gris Bag. Three to choose from


This listing is for one Dementia / Alzheimer's Mojo bag. There are three different designs to choose from. This would be perfect for a family member or loved one who is either cared for at home or in a nursing home or facility. It can be kept in a pillow, tucked in a quilt or blanket, in a comforting stuffed animal or doll, in a pocket, hung from the bed, or wherever needed most.

Please choose from three different designs, as pictured above. (photos 3 and 4 are the same one)

1) Lavender with purple inside, with charm that says "Remember the Moments"
2) Purple with lavender inside, with circle charm that says "Memories"
3) Purple with fuschia inside, with charm that says "Remember". 

They are filled with my unique blend of herbs, roots, and resins with especially the needs of Dementia and Alzheimer's patients in mind. Thoughtfully and lovingly chosen for their metaphysical properties to aid in confusion and memory. Some of the ingredients are:

  • Periwinkle: thought to help restore lost memory
  • Wood betony: healing and protection against the dark fears of the emotions and imagination. To help aid and help with feelings of despair
  • Yarrow: to help overcome fear
  • Caraway seeds: Protective properties, particularly in areas of health. Strengthens the memory.
  • Lilac: for wisdom and memory
  • Tea tree: eliminating confusion, increasing harmony
  • Rue: Aids in rituals where one is seeking to help mend the afflictions of the mind
  • Butterbur root: increases sense of hope and faith
  • Eyebright: for bright outlook when life seems dark and negative.
  • Along with other memory enhancing herbs, and herbs to help bring peace of mind, comfort, and calmness of mind.

You can find more ritual and spell supplies from the maker of this item by visiting their shop here: The Barefoot Witchery.

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