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Dark Arts Poppet Kit


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***WARNING*** Something wicked this way comes. This is DARK Magick...

Is that ex causing you problems? Did your friend stab you in the back? Does your boss seem to want to make life a living hell for you? Tired of being someone's doormat? Neighbor causing problems? Someone trying to do you wrong, cause you trouble or spreading malicious gossip about you? Or are you just sick and tired of someone and want to do something about it but you're not sure what?

Well, here's the "what" you can do about it.

This is a DIY (do it yourself) kit. The Magick is in the making of it. You obviously have very strong feelings about a certain person you have in mind when considering this spell kit. Your emotions fuel the flame. While constructing this poppet, you yourself are going to be putting all of those emotions and negative energy into this poppet. Your Magick is going to make this very powerful because you have intense emotions about the person you intend for this poppet to represent.

What you get:
• Two pre-cut black felt poppet outlines
• One resealable bag of Goofer Dust
• One resealable bag of Real Bad Things Powder
• One .50 ounce glass vial of Black Arts Oil
• One white candle
• Black thread and needle
• One resealable bag of Spanish Moss for stuffing your poppet
• One resealable bag of Poppet Activation Incense
• Two charcoal discs
• One spell scroll with detailed instructions on how to "bring your poppet to life" with the Poppet Activation Ritual.

No, your poppet won't walk or talk, but it does need to be "brought to life" with this little known ritual. You can also add whatever you wish to this poppet kit.

What you wish to do with it from there is up to you; your options are only limited by your imagination. For example, you can tape, staple, sew, or glue a photo of the person's face on the head of the poppet. Or you can just sew buttons for eyes or use different colored embroidery floss to represent facial features or body parts. You can write the person's name on a piece of paper and stuff it into the poppet, or a sample of their handwriting, or if you have a sample of their hair or fingernail clippings available. Whatever you have available to make this poppet represent the person you intend. You may also wish to write on a piece of paper what you wish for this person to do or stop doing or what you wish to happen to them and stuff that in the poppet as well.

A word of advice, though: Be careful what you wish for.

This item is made to order.

For Legal Purposes:
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