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Customizable Mojo Bag (Gris-Gris Bag/Mojo Hand)


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I want to meet your unique needs. I think that as a witch, when we can, we should help those who need our specialized skills, at a reasonable price for the tools of magick that we provide. Allow up to 2 weeks for item to be made and shipped.

Everyone's situation and need is different. This listing is for a specialized mojo bag that will contain any or all of the following: herbs, roots, dusts, powders, gemstones, oils. It can also contain a photo of the person for whom it is intended.

How To Customize Your Mojo Bag:

      1. Specify Your Intent: What I will need to know is what your need or intent is: i.e. wishing, healing, luck, money drawing, love, travel safety, peaceful home, cursing, banishing, binding, banish bad habits, finding a new home, domestic tranquility, sleep/banish nightmares, business success, work/employment, healing, grief/bereavement, memory, and so on. Really the possibilities are endless, and are entirely up to you.

      2. The Name Of The Person/People It's For:
      Simply enter the name(s) in the text box provided.

      3. Mojo Bag Color:
      Specify the color you wish to be. You can leave it blank and I will utilize the best corresponding colors based on your need.

      4. Important Notes:
      Any particular notes you wish to include to help specify the creation of you custom mojo bag. This helps with intent as well.

      5. *Upload A Picture Or File:
      This is optional, but you have the ability to upload an image of people, places or things for me to include within your custom mojo bag. There is a section specifically for this if you wish to do so.

        What You Will Get:

            • One mojo bag (also known as gris-gris bag, mojo hand, or a toby),
            • One .25 glass vial of oil, blended for the same type of intent as your mojo bag, to "feed" your bag.
            • Meaning, refreshing the power and intent of the mojo bag when you feel the need.
            It would be helpful for me to know the name (just the first name, if you prefer), of the person, so that for example, if the mojo bag is for healing, then I can focus my intent and healing energies and love and light toward that person by name, and it would help me to know what their ailment/situation is. And, are they in a hospital, nursing home, etc? You get the idea. The more information you can give me, the better. (But please don't feel you need to share anything you're not comfortable with, though. And anything you tell me remains confidential, I promise you.)

            I will let you know what your personal mojo bag will contain. If I feel that any special instructions are needed for your particular situation, I will provide you with those as well.

            Your mojo bag and oil will be charged with love and the best of intentions and may also be charged with incense, sage, candle flame, etc, depending on the type of mojo bag. All of the gemstones I use are cleansed and fully charged by the full moon.

            Although the appearance isn't as important as what's inside, and the intent, I try to make all of my mojo bags beautiful. And I want you to be completely pleased with the result, so I'm happy to offer you as many choices as I can:

            The mojo bags in the photo show a few that I decorated with shells and feathers and some charms. But you are in charge of how the bag looks, as well, not just what it's for. If you don't want feathers, that's OK, if you don't want charms, that's OK too. I try to color coordinate ribbon to close the bag, when I have the right color on hand. If I don't, I use another color that would look nice, or small natural colored jute string. What I do most of the time is make a gemstone chip charm to go on the outside of the bag. But tell me what you want.

            I also have the following colors available: burgundy, light blue, dark green, purple, black, off white, peach, dark blue, gray, brown, red, turquoise, white, yellow, and light green. I use felt for these mojo bags.

            My choice of herb blends, curios, oils, roots, and gemstones is based on my knowledge of the metaphysical properties of every single item that I use in my craft. I have over 250 items in my cabinet, and I make it a point to keep a detailed record of every one of them and their uses and properties in my Book of Shadows, which is my most important tool I use, and I'm constantly updating it when I find something new. I don't rely on formulas written by others, but rather my own information that I have gathered from many different sources through diligent research and learning.

            I will have your custom mojo bag ready and in the mail to you within 2 weeks.
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