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What is a poppet? Poppets have been used throughout history and have also been known as voodoo dolls, mommets, and doll babies. They are not always used for evil, like in the movies and books. Simply stated, they are created with the intent of representing a specific person, to try to bring about a desired change and/or outcome.

This listing is for one Customized Poppet Kit, made specifically for you, according to your needs, wishes, according to what you would like the goal to be. Just explain it to me in the comments section when you order. Don't worry about it sounding bad or funny, or whatever. I do not judge people. And I keep your information confidential. Your business is your business. Whether you intend this poppet to represent you or someone else, I can give you everything you need to get started.

Poppets can be used for many things, light and dark magick, such as: Healing, luck, money, love, protection, binding, banishing, cursing/hexing/crossing. Everyone's situation is unique, so you tell me what you want, and I will give you the magickal tools you need.

What you get:
•Two pre-cut felt poppet patterns (front and back), in the color you choose. If no color preference, I will choose a color for you.
•In matters of the heart (love, etc), I will include a piece of copal resin and a pre-cut felt heart for you to attach to the front of your poppet and place the copal in, as it represents the heart in poppets.)
•Spanish moss for stuffing your poppet
•Needle and thread in a matching color, to stitch up your poppet
•Any or all of the following that are necessary for your particular circumstance: Herbs, a .50 ounce glass vial of condition oil (conjure oil), gemstones, candle, charcoal disc, hoodoo curios, dirts, dusts, and/or powders) I will also provide a complete listing of the items I used and why I chose them, listing of metaphysical properties, etc.
•Complete instructions on how to make and activate ("bring your poppet to life") your poppet and how to dispose of magickal remnants of your work is done. I will also include some tips of my own.

Why DIY (do it yourself)? Well, because your magickal working will be more powerful that way. After all, it is your intention to bring about a change that fuels the magick. Making and working with a poppet is a very personal thing, and can be a very powerful experience. Also, if you should desire, you can make the working more powerful by using a personal item of the person you intend the poppet to represent, such as fingernail clippings, hair, a photo, etc.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for item to be made to order.
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For Legal Purposes:
These products (and their recipe/formula) in this listing and all of the content herein © Sherry Scott, including written material and photos and are the physical and intellectual property of Sherry Scott. Magick and Conjure are unique to each individual and as such no promises or guarantees of success are given or implied. All items are sold as novelties/curios only with no guarantee of outcome. I sell only the tools of magick, not the outcome.
I do not claim to diagnose or treat any illness or disease. Nor do I offer my goods as a substitute for appropriate legal, medical, psychological, or financial advice or counsel. I recommend you always seek proper professional help in all cases as such, including domestic abuse. My products are not to be taken internally, nor do I condone physically harming any person or animal. In no way to I condone or imply the suggestion of participating in illegal activities
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