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Crystal Spiral Mandala Home Protection Talisman & Dreamcatcher


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This unique crystal hanger features a beautiful molded silver-toned dispatcher at its center. Woven throughout the double-spiral are black and turquoise beads. Silver feathers and an owl charm dangle from the spiral and the attached loop makes hanging it very easy. At the base of the spiral is a strand of alternating black and turquoise beads and a stunning multi-faceted clear crystal sphere. The owl is known to be a powerful protection totem animal, as well as a teacher. People with owl totems tend to see the magic in the world around them, and the owl totem brings to you knowledge of the unknown and the mysteries. This magical talisman will add sparkle to any altar, bedroom, sacred space, patio or garden and will display vibrant reflections when the sun peers throughout the glass crystals.

Height: 13.5 inches

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