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Clear Crystal Ball 200mm


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Timelessly known as iconic device used by of seers and fortune tellers, the crystal ball is in fact a potent tool of divination, and in some cases, used for meditation or gazing into its depths to provide keen insights into the nature of yourself or another, helping you to discern a wide range of answers. Most commonly it is used as a focus for divination, frequently involving gazing into its depths and seeking hints and answers about the future. In this it can often provide an impression of what is to come, or in some cases lead you to visions of the future. It can also be applied as a tool for seances, allowing for a means to witness and communicate with the dead safely. In this case, the dead are sometimes summoned into the crystal ball so that they can manifest images to communicate, but it is most common that the crystal ball serves as a link for the dead to communicate more directly with the living. In other cases, it is used for direct knowledge-used as a focus to help you in sensing whether anothers intentions are good or bad, or their words are truthful or not, and other such impressions. it's a small wonder that this item has become such a well known ritual tool, even among those who do not believe in their power. This is a stunning, 8" diameter crystal ball that is 60% leaded glass and 40% crystal.
Weight: 30 lbs
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