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Cinnamon, Cut (Cinnamomum Cassia)


Known and used for thousands of years, the very name of Cinnamon has roots that date back as far as the Phoenicians. Among the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and other cultures of antiquity it was a tremendous treasure, coming out of the mysterious east, and was frequently regarded as a gift that was fit for offering to Gods and Kings. The true source of cinnamon then remained a mystery throughout the middle ages, with Europeans typically believing wild stories involving its origins, from it being brought up on fishing nets from the source of the Nile to the belief that it was gathered from the nests of Cinnamon birds. It also has deep roots within spirituality, and within many practices and traditions is believe to be of aid in empowering and encouraging spiritual growth, love, and prosperity, making it a powerful addition to love spells, and spells of money drawing. Despite these rumors and myths, cinnamon is actually a product of the bark of an evergreen tree from Sri Lanka, known as cinnamon verum. Today the spice is primarily used within culinary practices, and is frequently regarded as one of the few spices truly edible in its raw form. Whether powdered, shaved, cut or whole, it is used in a wide variety of cultures throughout the world. Medicinally, many herbalists traditionally use it in herbal medicine to help soothe the stomach and it is often regarded as a wonderful aid in treating digestive problems. Oils from Cinnamon are also found to contain antimicrobial properties, making it of use as a preservative as well.

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