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Ceridwen is the mother of grain and inspiration. She is a great earth goddess associated with the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. She is worshipped at harvest time. She tends her cauldron of wisdom and inspiration. Her totem animal is the white sow and she is a shapeshifter, able to be seen as a greyhound, an otter, a hawk, and a black hen. She was mother to the great Celtic bard Taliesin. Her herbal potions bring forth initiation and transformation, just as tiny grains become vast fields of wheat that then transform into the bread of sustenance. 

Cerridwen is brimming with whimsy. The cauldron acts as a pocket with a few extra added things inside as a surprise gift and offers endless potential . The cape has the triple moon and her animal aspect the white sow. The moon crown adds a nice touch to her connection with the moon. The ribbon in her hair and on the hem of her cape was added to connect her to the harvest as she is also known as a harvest deity.

This is a 12" poppet and is made with linen cloth and felt. The eyes are hematite to help to draw healing, harmony in your home and improve intuition. Each of my dolls are hand sewn to make each one unique and to lend inspiration and creative energy to its making. These make great additions to your altars and sacred spaces, as well as a special collectible for that young person in your life or to add a little more whimsy to your home.

Each is made special just for you so allow for 2 weeks for it to be completed. Each poppet comes with, upon request, a small pouch around their neck so that herbs, special stones and prayers can be placed within (not shown)

(Doll shown is only an example)

Why not bring a little magic into your home? Let The Magical Muse inspire you, custom requests are welcome as well!

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