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Cernunnos Horned God Plaque


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Cernunnos, known as the Horned One, is the antlered God of the Forest. Cernunnos is represented as the God of Abundance and Prosperity. A pentagram rises above his head in representation of the earth. His name is written in Theban script on the bottom banner on the plaque. He is often seen carrying a sack that spills out coins as a blessing to his people. Call upon Cernunnos when working magick pertaining to drawing in abundance into your life.

Comes with hook on back to hang upon your wall. Back is lined with black felt to protect your wall and your plaque. Hang above your altar or within your sacred space. 

Size: 5.25" high x 4.00"wide x 7/8"depth
Color: Wood colored finish - cold cast resin.

Note: This plaque is based off of an original carving by Paul Borda. The patina on these plaques are hand finished, so coloring could slightly vary.
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