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Celtic Wooden Drawer Chest


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Grace your altar, kitchen, or night stand with this wonderful wooden cupboard. Put together in a design that leaves its top narrower than its base, the cupboard features three sliding drawers sized to contain your favorite altar tools, jewelry, ritual components, and herbs. Opening with a simple pull ring, they provide a convenient way to clear up clutter and still keep your treasures close at hand. The entire piece is also carved with wonderful Celtic imagery, displaying elaborate weaves of Celtic knots upon the front face with matching circular patterns of knot work and a central triquetra marking both the sides and the top. All of this combines with a finish that brings out the beautiful, natural grain of the wood in a way that seems disguises how sturdy and heavy a cupboard it is. The whole thing measures approximately 11 3/4" in height and 5 1/2" deep, with a base that is approximately 8" wide and a narrower, 5" top.

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