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Celestial Crystal and Pentacle Home Talisman w/Chakra Crystals


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This magical, silver-toned, triple-spiral crystal talisman features a beautiful center pentacle. Woven throughout the spiral are groups of colored beads, representing the chakras and the chakra colors. Silver crescent moons and pentacle charms dangle from this talisman adding a mystic feel, and the attached loop makes hanging this very easy. Attached to the base is a strand of chakra beads and a stunning multi-faceted clear crystal sphere. The pentacle is much revered and cherished symbol to Pagans, Wiccans and Witches. Representing a plethora of meanings, the most common is the representation of the elements. The pentacle also is known as a focal point when working magick and many practitioners charge their pentacles with protective intent. This talisman is great because it portrays all of the elements as well as the chakras, allowing energy to flow freely as well a protect your home and sacred space. This wonderful home talisman will add interest and sparkle to any altar, bedroom, home, patio or garden. Let the sun peek through and reflect its light into all the colors of the rainbow. 

Height: 13.5 inches
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