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Cedar Rune Set with Free Gift!


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Made from natural black cedar branches with the bark still on them.
Each rune is burnt with the symbols of the Futhark rune set,
with 25 runes in total including the blank rune.
Only natural staining agents (linseed oil) is used to cure the runes,
with no varnish or unnatural substances.

The branches are tempered by the elements of fire, water, earth, air, and time.

Each set of runes is cut from the same branch in order to assure continuity of being.

The magical properties of cedar are well placed in the cultures of Nordic, Wiccan, Druidic traditions.

Each rune is woodburned by artist SpiritCloud into the wood NOT stamped.

A Free Large Black Organza Pouch with Gold Stars is included to provide the perfect place to store your runes.
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