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Burdock Root, Cut (Arctium Lappa)


Native to some parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Arctium Lappa, or Burdock, is famous for its little fuzzy burs that cling to animals and clothing and were reportedly the inspiration for Velcro. Folk herbalist in the past used it to purify blood and aid in burn treatment, where it was said to aid in impeding bacterial growth on the wound site, while providing a fantastic barrier for moisture which, in some cases, can impede the healing process. It has also seen use in spiritual applications as an herb that is particularly good in use for purification and protection, particularly against negativity and magick. Burdock has also seen use in treating stomach afflictions, particularly indigestion. Cosmetically, it has also been applied in the past to assorted methods for stimulating hair growth. In more recent days it still sees heavy use in treating hair growth in Europe, and has been put to use for other forms of skin care including the treatment of eczema and in poultices put together for bruises and inflamed tissue. Burdock is also still utilized in treating indigestion, and has even been put to use in strengthening the stomach.

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