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Brigid Celtic Goddess Statue - Wood Finish


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This Brigid statuary by Maxine Miller depicts the Celtic goddess of motherhood, spring, fertility, healing, poetry, and smithing and metallurgy. Brigid is actually describe three sisters or aspects: Brigid the Poet, Brigid the Healer, and Brigid the Smith, honoring her as a triple goddess and another manifestation like Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

The statue itself shows Brigid in her glorious raiment, her head tilted heavenward, a three branched stick in her hand to represent the triple aspects of her nature. At her feet are a newborn lamb and calf, further depicting the connection to spring and fertility, standing on a flower with a Brigid’s Cross at the center. The back of the statue shows the smith’s anvil and sword, showing the connection as goddess of smithwork and craft.

Size: 10” wide x 10” deep  x 14” tall.

Cold cast resin in wood finish. The patina on these statuary are hand-finished and may slightly vary.
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