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Bone Athame


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This Athame has the appearance of a delicate knife that might have appeared upon one`s belt during the emergence of art and wonder and mysticism that was the Renaissance. With a slender, double-edged, 6" long blade ending in a fine point, the Athame features an elegantly simple crossguard and hilt. The crossguard, flaring with distinctive renaissance curves and angles, has been crafted of bronze; the color accenting the bone finish of the handle which in turn ends in a small bronze pommel. The entire Athame measures approximately 10" long and comes with a leather sheath that easily fits most belts and snaps shut to secure the athame. 

All items sold are sold as ritual tools. They are intended as items used for sacred rites and are to be used as such. Any uses outside of this can result in injury. Eclectic Artisans cannot be held liable for the misuse of any of these items. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.

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