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Blue Celestial Oil Burner-Hanging Vessel Oil Diffuser


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These stylish hanging pot ceramic oil burners are perfect for heating fragrance oils. They allow the oils fragrance to permeate the air with a lovely, long-lasting, smoke free aroma. The star and moon "cut outs" allow the light to escape and twinkle across the room. The Sun, Moon and Star symbols represents the family in the universe, the Sun is the Father figure, the Moon is the Mother figure and the Stars are the children. Celestial patterns are much revered within the Pagan & Wiccan communities, and these uniquely crafted oil burners look great on any altar, or within any space in your home. These surely are a conversation piece, due to it's beautiful and unique hanging vessel design.

Size: 4.75" Tall, 4" Wide
These also come in white & green.
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