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Blessed Salts for Purification and Protection


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This listing is for one 2x3 inch resealable bag of Blessed Salts

This is my own personal blend of Blessed Salts, crafted with Dead Sea salt, Pink Himalayan Salt from Pakistan, Blue Persian salt from Iran, and Red Hawaiian Salt. Plus over half a dozen purification and protection herbs such as Anise, St. John's Wort, Hyssop, Lavender, and much more.

Use it for protection from negative energies, jinxes, curses, hexes, and spells cast against you. You can use it as a bath salts in a cotton bag, or mix a little bit with your mop water for a floor wash to purify and protect your home. You can also sprinkle it and use as a floor sweep.

It can also be used for the cleansing and purification of your sacred space, set upon your altar in a dish, or to cleanse and purify ritual tools and gemstones or crystals.
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