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Blessed Salts-for cleansing your gemstones and crystals


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This listing is for a .50 ounce glass corked vial of Blessed Salt.

This is my own formula, and I use it monthly to cleanse my gemstones and crystals before charging them under the full moon or in sunlight, depending on the type of stone or crystal. I have specially blended over half a dozen cleansing and purifying herbs, along with Dead Sea salt, Pink Himalayan Salt from Pakistan, Blue Persian salt from Iran, and Red Hawaiian Salt.

This blend is designed to cleanse away all negative energy your stones and crystals may accumulate over time and prepare them to be recharged. It is a very important process to take proper care to cleanse and charge them. I do it at least once a month, sometimes more often if I feel they need it. If you take good care of your gemstones and crystals, they will take care of you and be ready for when you need them.

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