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Blessed Be Ultra-Light Paper Earrings


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Yule is a time to welcome back the Sun! It's the Winter Solstice, and after tonight the days start getting longer.

This lovely wreath features varying shades of green holly leaves, bright red berries and whole cloves on a red satin background. Beautiful snow white script lettering offer the wish "Blessed Be" for a Happy Winter Solstice and Yule season.

My thick paper earrings are ultra light-weight and feature my original artwork. Their thickness comes from layering mat board for a solid, substantial feel. They are very light on your ears and can be worn comfortably all day or night.

These earrings measure approximately 1.375 (3.5 cm) inches square with out wires and are about 1/8 inch thick. The wires are sandwiched between the mat boards.

If you want to order customized earrings, I can get those ready in about 3-4 days. Just contact me.

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