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Birch-Tree Book of Shadows


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Each Book of Shadows is Handcrafted by Fey.

  • 12" x 13"
  • Solid Oak Wood
  • Natural stain colors
  • 50 pages of parchment paper included (the book can be expanded to hold up to 3,000+ pages!)
  • Easily add and remove pages for convenient access to create pages and/or to move them around 

NOTE: If this particular item is not readily available for shipment, your item will be made to order. Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for the item to be made and shipped.

Upon completing an item, Fey will then charge each product under the full moon. Each item comes packaged and enclosed with cleansing and protection herbs to allow for your newly purchased treasures to be magickally ready for you to use and place your own magick, mana, energy, and intent on the item. Every attempt is made to utilize fallen wood. Since the wood they use is free fallen and not cut directly from the tree, each item retains its bond to the living tree from which it came, and harbors some of the tree's dryad spirit which is shared with the owner of the item.

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