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Benzoin Wise Owl Stick Incense-20pk


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Wise Owl Benzoin stick incense are made to be burned while working magick, a ritual or meditating. These Benzoin stick incense can be used for introspection during meditation, can be used for vision quests, helps promote psychic ability as well as helping with Astral Projection. View all of our Wise Owl Stick Incense.

20 hand rolled/hand dipped high quality incense
Wise Owl Incense are free of any chemical additives and 100% natural. Each stick base is made of the finest grass and wood materials and then soaked by hand (3 times) in the highest grade essential oils available. This level of care and purity in choosing and assembling the components ensures that, when burned, each stick conveys the same energies, scents and spiritual qualities as the oils flowers and resins used to scent them. The advantage of Wise Owl Incense Sticks has over burning the basic resins and herbs themselves is a less heavy smoke with a neater and safer burning alternative than charcoal. All Wise Owl Incense are 100% handmade in Canada and each pack comes with a bilingual corresponding proprties label.


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